Serena Williams C Walks after winning gold in Women’s Singles Tennis today

The best: Dawes. Douglas

Gabby Douglas does the Uneven Bars in Women’s Gymnastics Individual All-Around

Chloe & Halle Bailey sing Adele “Rolling In The Deep”

Gabby Douglas does the Uneven Bars at the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics trials

Thea Monyee - Woman to Woman

I need a pencil

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Sister Act on Broadway clip of Raven-Symone as “Deloris Van Cartier” reciting her hilarious version of a pre-meal prayer

Actress Regina Hall mess around with her “Think Like a Man” male co-stars

Toni Morrison Takes White Supremacy To Task

Few intellectuals have waged a public battle against white supremacy and patriarchy like Toni Morrison. Morrison has both examined and challenged systems of domination throughout her intellectual life. With her novels, essays, and interviews she has taken critical looks at the interlocking systems of race and gender oppression. In this interview she is asked by PBS’s Charlie Rose what it is like for her to encounter racism. In true Morrison fashion she turns the question on its head, and places the onus for explaining racism back into the hands of White people. She asks Rose what he thinks of racism, why do Whites hold onto, and what are they going to do about it ending it. She rejects the notion that racism is simply something that Black people must grapple with, insisting, demanding, that White people also grapple with it. Fearless. Brilliant. Powerful.

Whitney Houston National Anthem! The best to ever sing it